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Steve Roberts

These wonderfully rare photographs of Marc Bolan and T.Rex have been stored away in our good friend Solid Gold Steve’s attic !! Here are some of his pics from The Isle of Man, Germany and England…

scroll down and click on the thumbnails to see the full sizes photo’s…

T.REX  The Isle of Man – 13 July 1975

This first set of fab pics are from the T.REX show at The Palace Lido, Douglas, The Isle of Man, 13 July 1975!  Note in particular Marc and Gloria leaving the hotel on foot to get to the sound check…

Isle of Man



  to read ‘Solid Gold Steve’s’ full account of The day he met Marc Bolan…”  click here!  Teenage Dream

Truck Off  Tour!!  1974…   

Truck Off

 T.REX in Germany!!…


Futuristic Dragon Tour !! ’76



more to follow….>

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