Artwork for agents and promoters… (click on the image thumbnails below, then save once full image appears on screens.)

Marc Bolan was one of my best mates and when I work with TooREX it brings a lump to my throat – it reminds me of some fab memories – great band!” – Alvin Stardust 

* Please note- this TooREX promotional artwork features the TooREX vocalist Bobby T, not Marc Bolan.  



Posters and Flyers
            ‘CMYK’ Hi-RES                ‘RGB’ Hi-RES
                         ‘CMYK’  Hi-RES
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   RGB band shot Lo-RES

RGB band shot Hi-RES

RGB band shot Hi-RES (no wording)
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              Poster Cell
TooREX Backdrop – Projection image
       TooREX T-shirt Design 
              (for black shirt)