Titanium REX

70’s Weekender Bognor 2nd February 2018

Just 4 weeks after a major surgery, Bobby and TooREX are back on stage performing live. Bobby’s hip replacement operation was a complete success, with one of the quickest recoveries documented by NHS specialists and physios. When asked what motivated such a speedy recovery, Bobby said that playing Marc’s music had kept him in good spirits.

“When the mind, body and soul are tuned in, the healing powers are turned on. One minute you are laying in a hospital bed and unable to walk, then almost 4 weeks to the day, the curtains open! TooREX stepped forward with 3000 or more cheering us on. I was totally overwhelmed. As I attempted to sing ‘You’re so sweet, you’re so fine’, the tears fell from my face like a light switching on. I quickly took a grip of my senses and said to myself; ‘these people are here for a good time, so let’s boogie on to the music of Marc Bolan & T.REX.'”